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For those of you who think virtual gifts are just something for the kids and hard core gamers you’d be wrong. In this video is interviewed by the IAB’s senior PR and marketing manager who asked questions such as What is branded content? What are virtual gifts and What is the size of growth within this market?

He talks about the prospect of virtual gifts being a new marketing platform for those brands that want to make contact with their hard to reach consumer. He also mentions how virtual gifts are a great way of expressing yourself online to your friends and family on your social networks.

Phil squashed the claim that branded commodities and virtual gaming is just for those hard core gaming types as more and more middle aged house wives jump on the gaming wagon. Games such as Farmville which are easy to play have powerful social elements to them allowing the user to include their friends and at the same time gaining online status.

Michael Litman
March 10, 2010

Virtual gifting is gradually going to be just like physical gifting and people won’t know the difference. When its someones birthday for example on Facebook you can already gift them one of the garish clip art style graphics that signifies a birthday present but its going to be big.

This is only going to become more apparent and important to the social space when the big bad FB fully roll out their ‘Credits’ programme. You can see it already in your account page but nothings really going on with it so far. But it will. And it will be lovely.

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