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On Friday 5th February the IAB held an event at the IAB offices called Taking social media advertising to the masses. This event discussed how brands can take advantage of consumer engagement in social media and make mainstream digital campaigns work together with social media environments – sometimes blurring the lines between real life and virtual worlds.

With members of the SMC speaking at it, Ciaran Norris, Phil Guest, Kate Box and Trevor Johnson.

You can see their presentations here:

Ciaran Norris, Head of Social Media, Mindshare
How social media has become more mainstream than the mainstream.

Phil Guest, Senior Vice President of Global Advertising Sales, Habbo
How virtual lives can mimic our real lives.

Kate Box, Head of Social Media, Sales, Microsoft Advertising
Social Media and Traditional Digital Working Together

Trevor Johnson, Strategy and Planning, EMEA, Facebook
How to large crowds online, and future trends.

And chaired by

Social media debate

As part of Social Media Week on Wednesday 3rd February at 4.30pm – 6.00pm the IAB held a debate at the IAB offices. The motion of the debate was: the importance of picking your battles online: when, where and why should brands respond to consumers in social media?

Our panel of experts provided case studies and practical guidance, encourage debate and answered questions on when we should listen to unhappy customers online, when we should get them involved in our brand campaigns and whether the noise of a few vocal, unhappy customers makes any difference to the bottom line.

The event was chaired by: , business development manager, Skive


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