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By Alison Readings, Renegade Media

The second half of the day saw us treated to several more supercharged and uplifting speakers. I particularly liked the presentation by Bruce Daisley from YouTube who discussed the way the brain works and the impact this has when creating video content for a brand.

It was very interesting to see how creating emotional content, which appeals to the right side of the brain works better than purely factual content typically associated with the left hand side.

I can sympathise with this as when I see a video online that I like I automatically share it, be it by posting a link to my Facebook page, Twitter or even posting a blog entry about it. This is exactly the purpose of video content and as video is most likely to bring a brand’s page to the top of the Google search results, you’re bound to see it.

Another interesting interview session was with Spotify founder and serial entrepreneur, Daniel Ek. He chatted about the beginnings of Spotify and how he launched his own social network for teenage girls, ‘Stardoll’. He discussed his need to push brand engagement online saying ‘Spotify is more than music online, it knows more about you than you imagine, not only your location, age and gender.’

Spotify is almost a social network in itself, you can share your playlists and just like on Facebook when we post our status as unhappy, we play unhappy songs and vice versa.

Wrapping up the day Jimmy Carr, who bounded onto the stage for a fireside chat with IAB chairman, Richard Eyre. He wasn’t just there for comedic value (even though I had a smile glued to my face throughout), he actually started his career working in marketing at Shell. He admitted on stage that he wasn’t very good at it, “I was sh*t. But that’s not a barrier to working in marketing.”

When asked what advert he would like to star in Carr said: “Show me the money I’m not fussy, I will do feminine bloating if they ask.” Now that I would like to see.

Carr is a renowned Twitter fan and was introduced to the micro blogging network by last year’s Engage comedy turn, Stephen Fry. He said that Stephen asked him to give it a go and he added ‘It’s the perfect tool, easy to use, right for the technology, 140 characters is perfect. Feedback is immediate, people either like it or they don’t.’

I wasn’t aware but Carr has also performed virtual gigs in Second Life. He added when talking about this though that ‘It didn’t work, but I gave it a crack. I should have done a gig on World of Warcraft.’

Overall, my brain has been supercharged I encourage anyone reading who couldn’t attend to bag an invite for next year. See you there.

Jimmy Carr at IAB Engage 2010 'Supercharge Your Brand'

Jimmy Carr at IAB Engage 2010 'Supercharge Your Brand'

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