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By , head of digital strategy, Imagination

Browsing through research and social spaces as I like to do I came across this fascinating graph on TechCrunch last week.


It’s fascinating not because it shows a drop off in Facebook from December 2009 although that’s probably worth a column in itself, but because it shows the popularity of Stumbleupon. Stumbleupon has been helping users find random, rated content since 2001. It’s not new and it’s not flashy but it is very definitely a social space.

Users love stumbleupon for 3 reasons – peer-recommendation, simplicity and serendipity. Essentially they get great stuff from people they like in their network.

I’m not suggesting that Stumbleupon should be at the heart of every social media strategy, social media strategies should not be based purely on numbers but on relevance. Still, it reminded me again about the importance of considering your audience and being sure you know where they hang out online.

What this graph clearly illustrates is that the usual suspects are just that, usual. And it can pay to truly consider the whole social market place when you are investigating social media strategies. Or you might miss the most important place to be because it’s not the most high profile.

Danielle Strle
April 28, 2010

Danielle Strle from StumbleUpon here.

We’re really pleased about these new numbers from GlobalStats. We’ve been the best-kept-secret in digital media for far too long, and it’s nice to see that people are starting to take notice.

If anyone reading this wants to jumpstart traffic from StumbleUpon, I encourage you to check out our advertising platform. It takes a critical mass of positive feedback from our community for a piece of content to take off virally. With the ad system, you can put your content into the stumble stream and target users by topic, age, gender, and location.

We’ll match your targeting to stumblers who might be interested in your content for just 5 cents/stumble. If your content takes off, you can see additional free organic traffic on top of whatever daily spending limit you set.

Here’s a little video that explains more:


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