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Our first session of the Rising Voice in Social Media kicked off yesterday. , Associate Director – Social Media at Tamar (and hardcore Eva Longoria Parker fan) talked our delegates through how to get the most out of blogging and Twitter, with some case studies and best practice examples.

Henry Elliss, Tamar
April 20, 2010

I should just point out for clarity that I am no more an Eva Longoria fan than any of the other Desperate Housewives. I love all of the Desperate Housewives equally… :D

Rhea O'Connor
April 20, 2010

It’s good to know that you love them all equally. You’ve got a big heart :)

Thanks for answering my question during your presentation. I agree with what you had to say about reposting content.

I also liked your quote from Kevin. I find that if you’re blogging about a subject that you have no passion for the writing will reflect it. You just can’t fake it.

Thanks for your presentation.

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