Free iCloud Lock Unlock tool for any iPhone

If you are looking for a solution with the iCloud Lock on your iPhone, then you are looking for the iCloud Lock Unlock tool. It can be found in four different versions, depending on the operative system. The first variant is used for all Windows operated computer gadgets. The second variant is for cell phones or tablets run by Android operative system. The third version is for the users of MAC. And finally, the fourth version is for the owners of IOS operative devices.

Unlock iCloud Lock Tool

So, if you want to install the tool on a computer which is run by any version of Windows operative system, than you need the first version of the tool. If you intend to install the tool on your cell phone or tablet run by Android operative system, then you need the second version of the tool. And if you use MAC or any IOS operative device than you need the third and the fourth version of the tool respectively. All versions of the tool guarantee same positive result. The tool can be used only once and if you want to use it again than you will need to Unlock it and install it again.

Free guideline for using the iCloud Lock Unlock tool

  • Choose the version of the tool you need depending on the device where you intend to download it. Download it from the provided links.
  • Install the tool and run it as Administrator
  • Connect the device where you have installed the tool and the locked device via USB cable
  • Then you will be provided with a couple of menus. From the first menu select the model of your iPhone, such as iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+. From the second menu choose the IOS version of your Apple device, for instance IOS 8.
  • Then, just click on the ‘Unlock’ button and wait while the initialization process is running.
  • When the process is finished, your phone will be Auto=rebooted, and then you should just Restore and Update it via iTunes.

After finishing all these steps, your iPhone is ready for use. There are no more restrictions and you can freely use it. You can create new credentials for it and set the parameters to it by your wish. It never been easier to Unlock iCloud lock. We recommend you not to wait and lose your time and to download the tool now.

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